Danny is a web developer. He is enjoy using his skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that happen every day at his workplace. He graduated from Bunda Mulia University in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degress in Computer Science. While he also participated in Hacktober Fest 2020. The goal is to helping others programmer to solve their issue within their github repo. Within given time, if you have complete the challenge, you will given badge as the awards for completing the challenge.

In all of Danny’s past positions, he has consistently making the feature like making inventory system, API for mobile / web consumption, system inventory report system, telegram bot that reply our chat, recipe site that customer can search finding their recipe ingredient (, movie app search (, and Pokemon pokedex using API from third party (

He is fluently in Laravel Framework (PHP) that doing the full stack development include building the database with study case given, building the UI from scratch or given wireframe. Also he’s a team player that keep communication with others team to ask about their opinion and sharing opinion.

He enjoys learning new kind of programming language and their technology behind it like Python, Go, React, Vue and more. He also follow the technology news like to keep update with the current development. He also enjoys sharing his skill with others people that willing to learn, and build his youtube channel to stay connected with his viewer (

He also love sport like badminton and walking in the morning before start activity. He also have hobby like playing MMORPG game like Genshin Impact. And strategy game like Starcraft 2.

不怕慢, 就怕停 (“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still”) quote from china proverb that he believe in.