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Lord Frost says Brexiters did not expect UK’s relationship with EU to be as difficult now as it is – politics live

Latest updates: Frost says the post-Brexit relationship with the UK is ‘settling down’ but it will be bumpy for some time

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1.22pm BST

This is from the i’s Richard Vaughan on the events research programme. (See 1.17pm.)

Labour’s UQ demanding why the Govt not publishing Events Research Programme findings. I’ve been told this is because No10 didn’t want to publish the results which showed festivals are “safe” at a time when they were delaying step 4 of the roadmap

Govt isn’t releasing data from their Events Research Programme (mass event pilots with no social distancing etc.) Why?

The Minister says no “major concerns” resulted from these events.

It’s not unreasonable to ponder whether the data undermines the delay of 21 June to 19 July

1.17pm BST

Pilot schemes involving testing intended to allow large-scale attendance at sports and cultural events have not caused any Covid outbreaks, MPs have been told.

Responding to a Commons urgent question about the so-called events research programme, Nigel Huddleston, a culture minister, said:

Although we are not yet in a position to publish the full report, I can assure the house that post-event data closely monitored have not shown any evidence of the events causing outbreaks. If they had, we would have communicated that information urgently.

We outlined when we announced the programme that we would release the report prior to step 4 [of the road map to unlock] and that’s exactly what we will be doing, we will be releasing the report very soon.

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Exam board’s late-night call for A-level and GCSE evidence angers schools

Email at 10pm told teachers they had less than 48 hours to send samples to support grades

Headteachers in England have expressed anger after an exam board mistakenly sent out a late-night email giving schools less than 48 hours to provide evidence to support teacher-assessed grades.

After months of intense efforts to assess pupils and submit GCSE and A-level grades for last week’s deadline, schools received an email from the AQA board at around 10pm on Monday requesting samples of pupils’ work within the time limit.

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Welsh government to suspend all future road-building plans

Deputy minister for climate change will announce move as part of plans to reach net zero emissions by 2050

The Labour-led Welsh government is to freeze new road-building projects as part of its plans to tackle the climate emergency, and an external panel will review all proposed schemes.

The deputy minister for climate change, Lee Waters, is to tell the Welsh parliament on Tuesday afternoon: “Since 1990, Welsh emissions have fallen by 31%. But to reach our statutory target of net zero emissions by 2050, we need to do much more.

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Campaign to oust police from schools in Greater Manchester gathers pace

Teaching unions say plans for more officers will risk criminalising young people

Campaigners are increasing efforts to have police officers removed from schools in Greater Manchester.

Teaching unions and academics have said plans to bolster the police presence in schools in the region will disproportionately and unfairly affect students from minority backgrounds and those living in areas of deprivation.

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